The Iranian National Day

A Sliver of Persia in Mauritius

10 mars 2024, 11:25


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A Sliver of Persia in Mauritius

The Mauritian and Iranian national anthems resounded high and true from every loudspeaker across Château Val Ory in Moka on the occasion of the Iranian National Day and the official opening of the Iranian Cultural Week. A grand event organised on Saturday 9th March by Iranian Ambassador to Mauritius Hassan Alibakhshi and his spouse.


The selected guests had the opportunity to visit an exhibition of a wide array of Iranian products ranging from ornaments and handmade crafts to food items, including dried fruits and the ubiquitous saffron, whose fragrance wafted through the exhibition hall bringing the taste of Iran into Mauritius. The captivating performance of the Iranian musicians, coupled with the scrumptious Iranian food, elevated the evening to an authentic Persian night.


Ambassador Alibakhshi hailed the evening as a celebration of the “traditional and historical friendship between our two countries” and welcomed the “defenders of the warming up of the relationship between Mauritius and Iran” who come from all communities, he said. He also praised the “happy coincidence” between the Iranian National Day and the Mauritian Independence Day as well the celebration of Maha Shivratree. He took this opportunity to call for one minute of silence in remembrance of the young pilgrims who sadly perished in Arsenal last week.


The ambassador also reminded the audience of the 30,000 Palestinians who were slaughtered in Palestine, many of whom were children and women, “who must be remembered particularly as we celebrate Women’s International Day”. He called for solidarity with the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause and promised that the offenders will one day answer before international instances for their crimes.


Hassan Alibakhshi also praised the “creation and reinforcement of the traditional friendship between Mauritius and Iran” and thanked members of the government for their efforts which culminated in doing away with short-term visas between the two countries. He announced that the renovation of Château Val Ory will continue and that this historical building will one day turn into a full-fledged embassy if the government of Mauritius is willing.


The Iranian exhibition will be open to the public throughout the Iranian Cultural Week. Mauritians are invited to discover what the country has to offer and take a slice of Persia home.