What to expect at DEVCONMU 2024?

18 juin 2024, 06:30


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What to expect at DEVCONMU 2024?

A typically chilled and frank conversation with the organisers of the upcoming Developers Conference 2024 (DEVCONMU) by the Mauritius Software Craftsmen Community (MSCC) member Jochen Kirstätter (Joki) and Vidush Namah.

DEVCONMU started in 2015, has grown rapidly. While our lives are increasingly merged with digital platforms, DEVCONMU is an excellent opportunity for locals & internationals to meet, discuss, discover what innovations are happening in the world of technology.

This year’s DEVCONMU will be held again at the Caudan Arts Center as from Thursday the 18th of July through to Saturday the 20th. They will include a variety of topics covered including the recent buzz word: AI, data science, coding, automation, cloud hosting, bootcamps, app development, workflow optimisation, chatbots, gaming and many many more topics.

See the short video from 2023's epic conference here:

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the event and thank all the sponsors who have helped us make this event happen. Please visit the conference’s website to check out the sponsors here:

Check the agenda for the event here:

Register FOR FREE to attend the conference! Note that you MUST register beforehand to attend the event:

Feel free to reach out to us on if you have any further queries.