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Ode to Shree Hanuman

18 avril 2024, 12:19


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Ode to Shree Hanuman

Krishnanand Guptar.

À l’heure du tout à l’image et du buzz sans suite, «l’express» souhaite faire découvrir la plume de poètes, de chanteurs, d’écrivains et de tous ceux qui jettent leur âme sur le papier, et qui mettent en mots des réflexions profondes.

Mighty son of the Lord of wind

And precious gem of Angani,

As strong as one can imagine,

The epitome of allegiance,

Of selflessness and devotion,

Of patience and perseverance,

May your grace ever rest with us

In our earthly voyage of life,

As in your wisdom we do trust

To alleviate our daily strife.

Valorous son of Pavana

The most beloved devotee

Of Lord Ram and blameless Sita,

Floating boulders thrown in the sea,

With your bright and ingenious mind

Fused as a bridge through your design,

Allowed Shree Ram His way to find,

Cross the ocean, attain Lanka,

Defeat the sinful Ravana

And rescue His treasured Sita.

Remover of all obstacles

And mightiest of the mighty,

Your heroic feats in battles

Will be hailed by humanity,

As your love for Ram and Sita

No deity will ever outshine;

Lifting the crest of a huge hill

With palm of your powerful hand,

You brought plants, for Laxman to heal,

From a guarded and distant land.

Living evidence of the Lord,

With many a valorous deed

Inscribed in your book of records,

The embodiment of kindness,

The archetype of humility

And the symbol of gentleness,

Surely man will sing your glory

Until the sun brightens the sky,

And chant your immortal story

Wherever man on earth will lie.

Shree Hanuman: A deity with face of monkey revered

in Hinduism and a devoted follower of Lord Rama.

Lord Rama: The seventh and one of the most

popular incarnations of Hindu

God Vishnu.

Sita: In Hinduism the consort of Lord Rama.

Anjani: The mother of Shree Hanuman.

Ravana: A multi-headed demon king of Lanka

who in the Hindu Epic Ramayana abducted

Sita and thus the main antagonist of Lord Rama.

Lanka: In Hindu Epics the island fortress

capital of Ravana, now Sri Lanka.

Luxman: The brother of Lord Rama

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Krishnanand Guptar.

Financial Advisor at the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, he has developed a keen interest for poetry, particularly for philosophical, spiritual, divine, motivational and inspirational poems. He has published several collections of poems.