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18 avril 2024, 11:25


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Yann Jasmin.

À l’heure du tout à l’image et du buzz sans suite, «l’express» souhaite faire découvrir la plume de poètes, de chanteurs, d’écrivains et de tous ceux qui jettent leur âme sur le papier, et qui mettent en mots des réflexions profondes.

What becomes of a movement when it is no longer needed?

It becomes irrelevant.

What’s y’all even fighting for?

What was done was enough and yet y’all wanna do more?

That’s when it becomes irrelevant.

When the fight no longer matches the event.

When it no longer becomes a fight for empowerment

But instead it becomes a fight to disempower men.

Y’all are still fighting for equal salary.

I know women who do the same job as I and still earn

more than me.

Or maybe equality?

Well...Equality exists... So does inequality.

Men and women are so equal nowadays to a point where

inequality happens on both sides.

If you think men swim in calm waters, we’ve known our

share of tides.

How is it that body positivity applies only to women?

No, the real question is, “How is it that you are encouraging

a disease to humans?”

Talking about toxic masculinity, how about toxic femininity

that forces men to hide

Their emotions?

Now you know why men commit suicide.

Ask a woman to prepare a sandwich, that’s sexist.

But a woman saying “all men should die”, that’s a radical feminist.

“Suffragette movement”, that was real feminism.

Not a bunch of teenage girls who haven’t experienced life

yet venting out their delusion.

How encouraging women not to shave can make a society


How is it that the only validated men are those who wear a dress?

Why is it that if a woman gets raped, all men have to take

the blame?

Acting as if he isn’t a good father, when you’re even wearing

his name.

All men are dogs, but for women, just a few bad apples.

You say you’re a feminist but do you personally know what

women back then had to tackle?

No, we live in a new generation, not everything’s perfect

but it’s better than before.

For me, the existence of today’s feminism is just an insult

to what real feminists were fighting for.

Now, this is not a beef against women; don’t get me wrong.

My mother raised me alone and I have a sister; My respect

for them is strong.

I love women and for women I live, for women I sing and

of women, I dream.

That’s why I can say, “I know you are capable of much

more than being a victim”.

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Yann Jasmin.

De son nom de scène Deus Black, il y a eu 21 tours de la terre autour du soleil depuis qu’il est ici, mais on croirait qu’il a passé des milliers de lunes. Il est parolier et artiste. Son but est de créer son propre univers qu’il vous laisse découvrir.