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2 mars 2024, 11:28


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Tejsree Beharee.

À l’heure du tout à l’image et du buzz sans suite, «l’express» souhaite faire découvrir la plume de poètes, de chanteurs, d’écrivains et de tous ceux qui jettent leur âme sur le papier, et qui mettent en mots des réflexions... sur l’environnement.

Doors are beautiful and mysterious creations.

They can be barriers or openings. How beautiful I find this dichotomy of doors!

We close the doors for security and privacy, and we open doors to look for and embrace opportunities.

They set boundaries. They act as essential organs of our houses.

Can you imagine your house without doors?

Letting in the cool breeze of summer and the harsh winds of winter.

Allowing out pets in with us, and giving a way in for intruders.

Can you imagine your house without doors?

No way to get out and see the world. The suffocation of always being inside.

A lock on our freedom.

I have seen many doors throughout my life.

The vintage one, always reliable, yet a bit rusty and often

accompanied with a shriek.

The barn door, pragmatic, yet always up for an adventure,

adding character to the place.

The aluminium door, modern, cold and yet classy if done right.

The broken door, which cannot be closed, but still offering some privacy

albeit with the help of a chair wedged underneath

the knob.

The glass door, shut yet open.

I have seen many doors throughout my life.

Some led to beautiful openings,

and a few had to be shut to cast away the ugly and mean.

Many had to be knocked on to seek help,

though many never responded to my plea.

Some I admired from far,

and others I look forward to seeing one day,

not from the outside, but from the inside welcoming the deserving ones in.

Doors be always beautiful and mysterious.


Tejsree Beharee

She is a Bharatanatyam dance teacher and performer. She has a love for writing about dance and culture.