Made in Moris Celebrates Ten Years

A New Economic Movement

13 novembre 2023, 16:59


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A New Economic Movement

The Made in Moris label, initiated by the Association of Mauritian Manufacturers (AMM), marked its tenth anniversary on Thursday, November 9, 2023. Created in 2013 to promote Mauritius' industrial heritage and craftsmanship, Made in Moris began with 11 companies, supported by MCB's financial backing and certification partner SGS Mauritius. Today, it unites around 150 companies, representing over 350 brands and 3800 products, across seven economic sectors including industrial production, textiles, agribusiness, agriculture, cultural, creative and digital sectors, hospitality, and service industries.

The 10th-anniversary celebration brought together nearly 300 people, including AMM President Yannick Applasamy, AMM and Made in Moris CEO Shirin Gunny, MCB Chief Executive Officer Designate Thierry Hebraud, Finance Minister Renganaden Padayachy, and President Pradeep Roopun. The event featured official speeches, a cocktail reception, and a concert, all showcasing Made in Moris.

The evening reflected on Made in Moris's unique role in transforming Mauritius' economy. Applasamy emphasized the label's crucial role in the economic future, urging the need to rehabilitate the local industry's image among Mauritian youth. He highlighted the necessity for responsible production methods to meet commitments in energy transition, climate change, and waste management.

MCB, an early partner of Made in Moris, has recently launched the Lokal is Beautiful Scheme, a favorable financing program for Made in Moris-certified companies. Hebraud spoke of MCB's commitment to supporting local craftsmanship and product quality, aligning with its sustainable economic development goals.

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Gunny discussed the economic relevance of Made in Moris and its ecosystem, noting its evolution from a territorial identification label to a brand encompassing seven sectors. She highlighted Made in Moris Pledge's strategic importance for local sourcing, mentioning Air Mauritius' interest in the pledge and the addition of 18 new companies to the shorter supply chain commitment.

The event also featured the official presentation of the 2023 Made in Moris jingle by the group Anomym, followed by a unique concert with Anonnym, Annega, and Mélanie Peres.

In their speeches, Finance Minister Padayachy and President Roopun praised the Made in Moris label's importance. Padayachy recounted government support measures for the local industry and Made in Moris, while Roopun applauded the label for reshaping Mauritius' economic and social future.

Made in Moris has been pivotal in promoting quality local production and responsible entrepreneurship. It now defends a quality local production and a responsible, solidary entrepreneurship, with over 150 companies, 50% being SMEs, and certification extended to services.

The label also focuses on sustainable development initiatives like the Made in Moris Pledge for responsible local purchasing and various training programs and projects aimed at transforming the manufacturing sector and preparing SMEs to meet the stringent standards of the Made in Moris label.