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Five people were stopped at the airport with Rs 4.5 million in foreign currency supposedly to pay off a ransom for a 17-year-old held in Iran. The ep

Francisco François has been confirmed as new leader of the Organisation du peuple de Rodrigues (OPR). His ascension over the grand old party brings t


A pro-government social media has accused the new Director of Public Prosecutions Rashid Ahmine of being involved in a politico-legal plot with the L

The Princes Group/ Princes Tuna Mauritius (PTM) has slammed the recent decision of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) on limiting the use of fis


Mauritius has just got delivery of a second “Dhruv” helicopter from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, which the government has said will boost its marit

Coastal states in the Indian Ocean have managed to push through restrictions on the use of fish aggregating devices by European fishing fleets at the


Diplomats and academics have termed the relationship between India and Mauritius as one of “willing subordination”. Has this always been so? The evol

Attorney General Maneesh Gobin has opened a war of words over St.-Brandon, brandishing the threat of the Mauritian government pushing for exercising


Labour party MPs Arvin Boolell and Shakeel Mohamed have legally challenged the speaker Sooroojdev Phokeer at the Supreme Court over their previous su

Chagossian groups in the UK are attempting to throw a spanner in ongoing talks between London and Port-Louis over the future of the Chagos. The lates


In mid-December, three of the government’s allies from the MMM – Ivan Collendavelloo, Steven Obeegadoo and Alan Ganoo – announced their plan to unify

This week kicked off with news that some prison officers at Beau-Bassin prison are under investigation for allegedly working with a drug trafficker i


The new regulations by the Independent Broadcasting Authority have been decried as unconstitutional by the opposition as well as attracted the ire of

The December 13 deadline for Labour Party candidate to send his case to the Privy Council is nearing. As the latter has announced his intention to ap