Plumes engagées

Mosaic solitaire

18 avril 2024, 10:20


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Mosaic solitaire

Javisth Bhugoabun.

À l’heure du tout à l’image et du buzz sans suite, «l’express» souhaite faire découvrir la plume de poètes, de chanteurs, d’écrivains et de tous ceux qui jettent leur âme sur le papier, et qui mettent en mots des réflexions profondes.

Seeing her live like Sisyphus,

Having the same routine as the sun.

She is a pearl lost in the deep blue sea,

Often thinking the devil is watching her.

She sits on the edge of her bed,

To avoid creasing it.

She gazes at the broken TV in her room,

Watching TV shows long extinct.

Then she looks outside

In search of the moment she is living in.

She mumbles to herself stories she forgets to tell us.

When her show is over, she stares at the hands

That count time and ask me,

“It is still two o’clock!”.

As if she is waiting for someone to come get her.

She does not know when her date will come

Or who it is.

I often think of the time when my Dadi still knew

Her way through the gallery in her mind.

I remember when she would talk to her friends

Instead of the walls. Perhaps they are in the walls...

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Javisth Bhugoabun.

He fell in love with poetry when his teacher first showed him the beauty of words. At 20 years old, this BA English student at the University of Mauritius has already published several times in various poetry magazines and is the author of “Rusty Words”. He lives in Quatre-Bornes where he spent his adolescence submerged in poetry.