Developers Conference 2022, the most awaited tech event on the island

8 novembre 2022, 13:58


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Developers Conference 2022, the most awaited tech event on the island

The Developers Conference is an annual event awaited by a lot of professionals from the ICT industry in Mauritius. The conference is spanned over three days with multiple tracks running simultaneously and containing technical presentations, non-technical talks and workshops. Speakers from foreign as well as local experts present diverse topics, such as web and software development, system engineering, UI/UX design, automation, data science, software project management,  just to name a few.

The conference is organised by the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community (MSCC). Its first edition was held in 2015 and year after year it grew into a bigger and better event, drawing more attendees, speakers and sponsors. Precisely for this reason, the organisers had to look for a bigger venue for this year’s conference — hence, the Caudan Arts Centre.

The conference is free of charge for attendees. All that is required is registering for the event. Visit

Developers Conference 2019 at Voilà Hotel — Bagatelle with Loïc Forget and some nerds!

«After some two difficult years of absence, I am genuinely excited to participate in this year’s edition of DEVCONMU. Much has happened since the last conference back in 2019. A quick summary — the outbreak of COVID pandemic followed by a series of national and international lockdowns, global warming triggering catastrophic floods in some countries while extreme heat in other places. There have been economical impacts in almost every business sector globally. There is a war in Ukraine.» — Loïc Forget

What to expect this year?

The conference will have four tracks during three days, bringing over 60 speakers to deliver nearly 80 presentations at the Caudan Arts Centre. There will be a booth area where DevCon partners will be present. If you’re looking for a job in the tech sector, meet them for some advice or get hired instantly — anything is possible.

There will be various presentations on open source, programming, web development, blockchain, project management and even cosplays.

Why is DevCon 2022 important?

It is understandable that Mauritius and the world is desperately trying to get back on its feet. The way we live and work has irrevocably been upended creating new socio-economic issues.

«I remember vividly being stuck in my motel during the COVID-19 lockdown, off the ‘Energy Corridor’ in Houston back in March 2020, my first experience using Zoom video call. It might come as a surprise, that was the first time I had ever used Zoom to speak to some very concerned parents also in lockdown in Mauritius. Right then and there, I realised the essential importance of internet based connectivity during the pandemic. I managed to return to Mauritius some seven months later, witnessing how businesses were in a frantic stage of digital evolution, and still is.» — Loïc Forget

DevCon arguably has been and will continue to be of growing importance to the digital future of Mauritius. Come for three days of knowledge enriching experience that will allow every participant to take back home ideas on how to build a tech-savvy country in the years to come. See you at DevCon 2022!