Attorney General Maneesh Gobin has opened a war of words over St.-Brandon, brandishing the threat of the Mauritian government pushing for exercising

Labour party MPs Arvin Boolell and Shakeel Mohamed have legally challenged the speaker Sooroojdev Phokeer at the Supreme Court over their previous su


Chagossian groups in the UK are attempting to throw a spanner in ongoing talks between London and Port-Louis over the future of the Chagos. The lates


In mid-December, three of the government’s allies from the MMM – Ivan Collendavelloo, Steven Obeegadoo and Alan Ganoo – announced their plan to unify

The odds of global recession are increasing as the Ukraine war escalates. A collapse in one region will augment the odds of collapse in the others. T


The December 13 deadline for Labour Party candidate to send his case to the Privy Council is nearing. As the latter has announced his intention to ap

The MMM is once again in the limelight for the wrong reasons. This time over in-fighting between Aadil Ameer Meea and Joanna Bérenger over the latter


Prime Minister (PM) Pravind Jugnauth is set to go to the US capital, Washington D.C., joining more than 40 African leaders scheduled to attend the US

Dear Chief Justice, Accept our hearty congratulations for your appointment as chief justice of Mauritius. It is a historical moment for our country


It is arguably the biggest restaurant on the island. Tables and chairs as far as the eye can see and beyond. The setting is impressive and the décor

There were mixed feelings at the launch of the book, Vijay Coomar Joypaul: Loving Humanity, last Wednesday at Hennessey Park Hotel. There was sadness


A Chagossian group based in the UK has demanded to be a part of the announced talks between Mauritius and the UK on the future of the Chagos. The epi

With COP27 at Sharm el-Sheikh just concluded, l’express speaks with former free peace strategist Sunil Dowarkasingh to see what happened at the summi