Traditional Ayurveda: a way of life

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Many of us have started this new year with a bag full of resolutions, hopeful to find a better version of ourselves and our lives on the other side. Maybe you have decided to quit smoking or eating burgers at midnight, or have decided to start something new, or living a healthier life. Whatever it is, the choice is always yours and the timing is always right. 

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Avinash Rughoobur, owner and general manager of the Vidim Ayurvedic Clinic in Goodlands. A wise, poised and attentive man with an incredible story: Having 2 weeks to live, he cured his illness by completely changing his way of life through ayurveda. 

Today, his goal is to give back and bring traditional ayurvedic care to all, in hope of helping many. Vidim offers treatments ranging from nutrition to traditional massages like shirodhara, abhyangam and vasti, using only the finest and purest ingredients which are imported with care from certified affiliates in India, more particularly the AVN Arogya Ayurvedic group located in Madurai. 

The staff, traditionally trained in India, brings ancient techniques to the treatments they offer. Whether you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, stress, anxiety, infertility or simply want to start the new year with a new way of life, Vidim is worth the visit. 

Out of all the ayurvedic centers and spas I have tried in Mauritius, this is the most traditional and authentic experience I have had. It also operates with high standards for everyone’s safety and comfort. By the time I stepped out of my treatments, I felt renewed. 

As Mr. Rughoobur will say: “Forget what you think you know about ayurveda”. Over the next few weeks and with his help, we will look more closely at traditional Ayurveda and its benefits. 

Vidim Ayurveda | Spa and Ayurveda center 

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