Digital Businesses – Like Buildings, Need Digitally Reinforced Infrastructure as a Foundation

By Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd, sole Nutanix Cloud Champion in Mauritius.

Digital transformation is just the rhetoric used by businesses to describe the need to build technology infrastructures that support digitally native applications, cloud-based environments, and workforce and application mobility. But if the sudden rise in demand for remote working solutions, fuelled in part by the pandemic, has taught us anything, just having a cloud strategy is not enough for complete digital transformation. 

At SS(M)L, we are working with customers to help them scale their solutions to meet the demands of a mobile and work-from-home workforce and enable them to build future-ready datacentres that support on-premises through multicloud environments. And we are doing this with the help of our vendor partner, Nutanix. 

Step 1: Simplify the Database

Often in an organisation's rush to the cloud, they neglect effective database management. When juggling the multicloud, consistent database management is quintessential to improving uptime, reducing manual operations, and increasing cost efficiency. We solve this with Nutanix Era, a cloud-like service for their database operations. 

With Nutanix Era, clients get a database-as-a-service solution that supports hybrid cloud database management, provisioning, effective backup and restore, patching, and copy data management. By enabling one-click provisioning, patching, and clones/snapshots across multiple database engines running on Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, Era provides simplicity, security, and standardisation.

Step 2: Scale-out File Storage

Siloed storage systems are not just a headache to access but hinder digital transformation because of inflexibility and size. Today we tackle this challenge with Nutanix Files, designed to handle billions of files and tens of thousands of user sessions.

A recent IDC study shows how Nutanix Files reduces operational overhead by 66% over traditional siloed storage resulting in 414% ROI and seven months’ payback. Nutanix Files architecture scales out easily by adding virtual resources and can deploy across various environments, including datacentres, remote and branch offices, edge locations, and clouds. It is ideal for customers looking to digitise and modernise their business without falling down a rabbit hole of extensive and exhaustive costs. 

Step 3: Manage Everything

The multi-, hybrid, and public cloud are difficult to manage and even more challenging to track. No matter what anyone is trying to sell you, if they aren't upfront about these difficulties, then cut your losses. We help customers across the region overcome these challenges with Nutanix Prism Ultimate. With Prism, we help streamline infrastructure management and IT operations and manage global hyperconverged infrastructure from a single console. 

Application Discovery in Prism Ultimate

With this level of visibility and infrastructure management, clients can quickly identify where there may be issues and react proactively because of Prism's visibility across all their digital infrastructure real estate. Other benefits include 1-click management simplicity, automation of IT operations, and optimisation of resources and costs. 

Step 4: Partnerships matter

If your business is on the path to digital transformation, but you still feel you have infrastructure roadblocks? Then find a partner who can help walk this line with you. Naturally, we suggest you call us. We recommend you do because we have a longstanding partnership with Nutanix who can simplify digital operations with a host of solutions that support hyperconverged infrastructure and are 100% software-defined, and are built to enable the multicloud future. That, and that we are a trusted supplier of technology solutions that work across the Indian Ocean Islands. logo

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